Washington: There is a very remote place on Earth which serves as a ‘graveyard’ for the remains of the dead spacecrafts.

Located at 48 degrees 52.6 minutes south latitude (around 1,450 nautical miles away from any spot of land), ‘Point Nemo’ or the ‘Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility’ is where one will find the left-overs of the spacecrafts.

NASA calls it the perfect dumping place for dead and dying spacecraft. According to the American space agency, it is a spacecraft cemetery in the Pacific Ocean and is pretty much the farthest place from any human civilization one can find.

According to the TeCake, NASA informed that smaller satellites do not generally end up at Point Nemo because the heat generated from the friction of the air burns up the satellites as it falls towards the Earth at thousands of miles per hour.

Where Point Nemo comes into action is when larger objects, like a spacecraft or a space station, re-enter Earth. These bigger space debris might not entirely burn up in the atmosphere and break into thousand small pieces coming down at a very fast speed.

At the moment, scientists in China are trying to track Tiangong-1 – a space lab that the space agency has lost control of and which may come crashing down on Earth at any point in time between December and April.

The problem is that no one knows where in the world it will land. Hence, scientists are doubtful about pushing the Tiangong-1 satellite to Point Nemo because they have lost control of it.


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